SSB WAT Practise-1


This is a practise set of WAT(Word Association Test) which is a psychology test in the SSB Interview. This practise set contains contains 15 words similar to the real test and you have to write a sentence on each word that first comes to your mind in 15 sec. Please note that no answer is a correct answer for SSB WAT, it’s your real answer that is the best. We have provided 3 answers to each word. Answers provided here are just to give an Idea.


a) Weak people quit very fast.

b) One cannot fail unless one quits.

c) Quitting is easy, succeeding isn’t.


a) Failures lead to success.

b) Emerging from failures is heroism.

c) Failures teach the best lessons.


a) An angry person is seldom liked.

b) Anger spoils Relations.

c) Angry decisions are bad decisions.


a) An upset mind can’t take the right decisions.

b) Failures make one upset.

c) Being upset dosen’t help.


a) The opposition revolted aganist demonetization.

b) The common man did not revolt aganist demonetization.

c) Indians revolted aganist the britsh raj.


a) Indian soldiers fought boldly in the war.

b) Fight all obstacles hard till the end.

c) Brave people give a tough fight.


a) The weather was rough this time.

b) The basketball gave was played tough.

c) India China relations are going through a rough.


a) Terrorism has left Afghanistan in a state of disarray.

b) Demonetization has left the country in a state of disarray.

c)Recent rains in kerala has left the state in disarray.


a) Demonetization led to some discomfort.

b) Sudden climate change causes discomfort.

c) VIP movements cause discomfrt to common man.


a) It requires courage to to face danger.

b) Fire is dangerous.

c) Drunken driving is dangerous.


a)Indulging in drugs is dangerous.

b)Drug is spreading like cancer in society.

c)Drug addicts are mence to the society.


a)”pakistan sponsering terrorissm “is ugly truth.

b)Indian politics is ugly.

c)Ugly is not by look but by thought.


a) Arrest of the former air chief has brought disrepute to the force.

b)Failing in dope test brings disrepute to sports. 

c)sacking of the BCCI president and secretary has brought disrepute to indian cricket.


a) SSB is a Interview conducted by defence forces.

b) I have been to 5 SSB Interview’s.

c) Sashastra Seema Bal is one of India’s Central Armed Police Forces.


a) Bread and Jam is the best combination.

b) Kochi has the biggest traffic jam in kerala.

c) Jamming mobile signals is illegal.


This is WAT Practise Set-1, and we will continue to put such materials related to SSB Interview. If you have any doubt or help feel free to comment down and we will reply as soon as possible.


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