Naval SSB Experience at 33 SSB Bhopal: Abijith Pradeep

33 SSB

Hello Friends myself Abijith Pradeep and i am currently doing Btech in ECE. I had always dreamt of becomming a Naval officer and has attended 3 SSB’s to fulfil it. Here is my experience for my last SSB for Navy Tech 10+2 Entry.

4 Apr 2018, I still remember that day because it was my last attempt after 12 th, I reached the SSB made new friends that day and hoped for the best for the screening tests coming next day.
5 Apr 2018, my screening tests were good, GD was a fish market but I made sure not to talk over other and I had my point when there was a gap in between when there was a small gap of silence.
Results came and I was happy to be screened in.
6 Apr 2018, Psychology tests the easiest tests throughout the SSB for me at least.
Hadn’t prepared for Psychology because I wanted write my natural responses. I had only prepared the SDT in advance because it is very important. I was really happy this time with my Psychology tests because I could do 42 SRTs, 12 more than my previous SSB, and all were my natural responses.
The same day I was called in for my PI.
I was mentally not prepared to face the Interview that day, but I had to. I had my interview scheduled at 3 pm but it was only at 6.30 pm when I was called in for the interview due to delay.
I was already not mentally prepared and the long waiting for my turn made me more unprepared.
Finally when I was called in I was really surprised to see 2 people in the interview room, one on the chair taking my interview and the other sitting on the sofa beside and writing something during my interview.
I was asked all the basic questions but still I wasn’t happy as I had lied in between and I am sure the officer must have found it.
During the end of interview the officer had asked me about how my Psychology test went and I said that it was really good, better than my previous attempt as I could write more and be myself.
Then my interview had almost ended when my Interviewing officer asked the other guy on the sofa “Sir, do you have any questions?”
And then that guy, most probably the real interviewing officer wanted to give me a situation and he gave me a situation.
I had first given my response and then he started making it more difficult and at that time I was blank, I couldn’t think of anything and I just gave him a smile which meant sorry sir. And he understood that and said all the best and the interview was finally over.
It was about 8.00 pm when I was out and I was literally crying inside because of my interview. Calmed myself down somehow and went to sleep. It was only after some time I realised I really had another answer to the situation he gave…what I could do now all was over.

33 SSB Bhopal Memories
33 SSB Bhopal Memories

7 Apr 2018 -8 Apr 2018, GTO tasks all were good for me I wasn’t the best but it was better that my Interview.
I had a good GTO except for my Lecturette where I was stammering in between but rest all was fine.
During the CT he asked me why I wanted to join the Navy and I replied that I wanted to be a Marco(Marine Commando), he’s asked me what is a Marco and then I replied then he gave me a task which was good one.
9 Apr 2018, the final day which declares our faith. During the conference I was first asked to rate my performance in all the 3 tests from the best to the worst, I said I did my Psychology best they GTO and Interview the least.
Then the next question was why Interview the least?
And I said I was a bit worried during the interview and I could talk well and I couldn’t also answer to the situation given to me.
Then he asked me, where all did you go out during evening.
I said 3 places I wend during the last. 2 days.
I had also mentioned a place (don’t remember the name) where it was like a war memorial and everything related to defence was there.
And then the next question was what did u see there?
I was totally blank after this question, I had totally forgotten what all I had seen there…. Then after 10 seconds only I started remembering and said few things I saw there.
Then he asked me about my stay at SSB and asked for any suggestions.
And the Conference was over.
After the conference I had a hope of passing through the SSB, but I couldn’t.
Looks like there are some other plans for me.
But I ll never give up until my last chance…..just waitting…..

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