SSB Crack Tips: How to crack SSB Interview?

SSB Crack

SSB Interview (Services Selection Board) Interview is a 5-day Interview process wherein the future leaders of the Indian Armed Forces are selected. Cracking SSB isn’t an easy task and also it is not mission impossible! In this article, we will share some valuable, SSB crack hints with you.  These hints will let you crack SSB but yeah, these hints won’t work like magic.  You have to implement and practice these tips.  Afterwards, we can guarantee that you will crack SSB with ease. Thousands manage to win a seat for the SSB interview. But what’s intriguing is the fact that bulk of the candidates get rejected after the initial round of SSB!  And following the conclusion of their week-long interview procedures, a handful of them to get recommended.  In the long run, few of them make it into the premier institutes such as NDA and IMA (Indian Military Academy).  So, essentially, the SSB interview is a filter.  It separates the top from the rest.  And we have to state that this filter does a good job!  The candidates who get recommended are assessed from various point of views and rated and evaluated by psychologists, senior military Officers etc. You can be among those ‘selected ones’.  For making it happen, I recommend that you know these hints closer proceed through this article and implement them.

SSB Cracking tips are given below-

  1. Know the SSB Interview Procedures

SSB Interview is not a one day interview like a regular interview.  This error is made by most of the candidates that are chosen.  They don’t know facts about SSB and its own processes.

Try to find out more that you’ll face as soon as you reach there.  There will be a set of tests conducted over days.  Be certain that you get knowledge regarding the time-table.  Learn additional information about the various tests you will face.

There will be a screening test.  Those who manage to clear the group conversation around and the screening evaluation are then assumed to remain in the SSB centre for 5 days.  Over these 5 days, a personal interview and various tests such as psychology tests and group tests are conducted by the board.

These evaluations will come one after another in the next day onward.  Though you will be informed by the CHM about the timing and dates concerning these tests, it is almost always better to do one’s homework and be prepared to face them anytime.

To know the detailed procedure in an SSB Interview please visit our article- SSB Interview’s 5-day procedure.


After understanding the, be sure that you select a quality practice session. Make sure you practice well.  It is important to prepare for every test/stage involved in each test has its own nature.  Forming preparation habits that are test-wise will be of great assistance. 

SRT, WAT, TAT, SDT are some evaluations can be dealt with by practising from practice materials. Going through question sets can let you get a grip, in regards to these tests. It will also help you in managing your time during these tests.

You can always practice these tests with the practice sets provided in our SSB section of this website.

For group tasks, all you have to do is keep an idea of different tests conducted. As group tasks are conducted in a group of 8-10, all you have to do is keep calm and work as a group. Your primary aim should be to work as a group but do remember everything you do is noted and hence you should be always active with the group.

You can watch videos on group tasks and also prepare well for Group discussion as topics given will be based on current affairs. Tests such as GD (Group Discussion) and GPE (Group Planning Exercise) should be practised and prepared well.

Being physically fit will help during Physical tests.  There is a set of obstacles when it comes to this round. Having knowledge about these obstacles will help you during the actual test.  Time-saving tactics can be used in this stage and you can obtain incentive marks.

PI (Personal Interview) can be a tricky test if not given much importance.  An Individual must be very confident, ready and significance must be given to grooming. You have to be confident, just consider it as talking to your friend and who wants to show the good side. Do not get too nervous, try to keep calm and answer the interviewer’s questions. Honesty is your best policy, you have to be honest, never lie as they will make it out.  Filling the PIQ form up properly and honestly will not create problems through the interview.  Throughout the PI, the interviewer will search for key traits such as Overall awareness, OLQs, confidence, decision-making skills, analytical skills and aptitude.

  1. Things you should be prepared before SSB-

Read Newspapers or at least read important news from apps available. Current Affairs will be asked during your interview and trust me knowing the answers will have a plus point.

Some topics are emphasized by all of SSB interviews. These common topics are- India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its own current affairs, Armed Forces at India etc. Questions about these subjects are almost always asked during private interviews, group discussion etc. Be sure that you read and study these issues broadly. Organizing and keeping your notes will help. With the usage of the web, you might receive the knowledge that is essential for free.

Many times, the interviewer goes for technical questions. If you are a 12th passed/appearing student, then the interviewing officer may ask questions related to what you have studied. For example, this question- ‘What is the Archimedes Principle?’. So prepare for them too.

If you are an engineering graduate or an engineering student, then prepare for similar questions related to your branch of study. So, brushing up your knowledge is essential.

  1. Be simply yourself-

By being yourself and showing your real self, you will be helped during the interview and the entire SSB Procedure. Be honest while filling out the PIQ form. Lying and bragging will act against you. Don’t try to act smart. Be your regular self.

These are some simple SSB Cracking tips which will help you in getting recommended. At last, we would like everyone to “Believe in Yourself” and prepare for the SSB Interview.


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