SSB Recommended Experience at 17 SSB Bangalore: Aswin R

SSB Banglore Experience

When I retrospect to my SSB days I have been through, then the first image that flashes my mind is myself wearing those medical chest numbers and the euphoria we had during those days. It was such a joyful experience which I would always like to cherish throughout my career.

I reported 17 SSB Bangalore on 26th of April 2018 for which I had skipped my internal exams for attending TES 39 interview. Since it was my 3rd attempt I was quite used to the initial procedures and it all went good. Around 180 candidates appeared for the interview. We had a pleasant stay and got up early for the day 1. I did my OIR quite good but the PPDT was quite challenging. For all the aspirants my advice for PPDT is that maintain your composure and speak up to the point then the door will be wide open for you. For my last three SSB’s I did the same and guess what it worked awesome.

From the 180, 30 got screened in and were made into 3 groups having 10 candidates each. The first group had freshers and previously screened out candidates. In second group(my group), we had previously screened out and conference out candidates. But the 3rd group was quite challenging with 6 previously recommended and rest conference out candidates.

SSB Banglore Experience
Myself with Chest No-20

The second day was the psychological part. It will be quite boring for anyone who had done their SSB once to again fill up the psychological papers but keep calm and just move on. Be yourself while writing down any response and be creative as well as logically peculiar while writing the story part in psychological interview. Things went good though but don’t worry about the number of responses you have done on the situation tests. Remember it’s the quality that matters not the quantity of the response so be cool.

I had my interviews on the psychological day itself. I was interviewed by the deputy president of the board(17 ssb banglore). Even if it is your 3rd time interviews are always going to give new challenges so it depends on how wisely you respond to the interviewer. The very first question he asked was about my last 2 SSB experiences and I narrated it well I guess. So after coming to know that I’m pursuing engineering he started asking with technical questions like the direction of earth rotating, about magnetic fields and electric fields etc. But at that moment I was quite blacked out so all those went bad for me, so he started asking about my past 18 years of life and I was pretty good in those so I gave a very good shot so the mistakes I have made in my technical questions were counterbalanced from my personal questions. I would always like to stress out this point to all aspirants. I something goes wrong initially then don’t lose hope and always expect sun will shine after any hailstorm. By the end of the interview I felt like I was having a chat with   good friend of mine and all the fears I had just went away.

The Group tasks have always been tricky to me and it spoiled my totals in last 2 SSB’s so I have prepared a bit myself the day before the tasks. The group discussion was the best for me as the topics I got were the ones I had a strong hold so it went good. After the planning exercise one will be asked to demonstrate the final plan and I was the one who got nominated so it again increased my confidence on my mates. Then we had the obstacle task. Obstacle task will always create fuss in the group but I managed it somehow and I was the one to give the plan to the final obstacle. Half group task was also conducted in the same day and was the easiest obstacle I ever got and after the snake race the day 3 also got over.

The day 4 started with the command task and it was bit challenging and I managed it. After that we had the obstacle course and for the first time I did all the 10 and was indeed a happy day for me. FGT was also challenging but by this time many of my groupmates were out of their enthusiasm and majority of the FGT was cleared with my idea only. All the aspirants must focus on this point that never lose your hope and remember that the till the very last second of the interview your chance of cracking the interview is still on. So all of my GTO tasks went pretty good and my hopes were on the sky.

Yes, then arrived the most anxious day of the interview series the conference day. Usually in the conferenced they won’t bother you much but will only ask about any feedbacks or experiences and I was also hoping the same questions for mine. But contrary to my assumption they started throwing many situation type questions to me and I felt it like being in the personal interview. Before leaving they asked to mention social economic and cultural problems faced by Kerala (my home state) and I was able to answer it and when I came out all of my friend were amused about the time delay and were more anxious to know what happened inside.


After the tea break the moment arrived. The GTO arrived with the results and he said out of 30, 7 had made through and when he called out the first 6 I was quite heartbroken because my number was not called out. But bad times never lasts longer and the 7th number called out was mine and I will tell that was the moment I have always wanted to live on and the 5-day experience always gave me very beautiful moment to cheer upon.

SSB Banglore Experience
Recommended!! ( Me b/w Ch No-113 & 41)

My new Chest No was 46 and we had a 7 day medicals in the AIR FORCE COMMAND HOSPITAL BANGALORE and I was medically qualified too. After waiting for 2 months by 24th May 2018 merit lists were out and I got through by making an AIR 52.

My Advice to all the aspirants is that never give up because if i had given up after my 2 attempts i would i never seen this day…

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