SSB PIQ Form & How to Fill it?


PIQ form is an important form which you will be filling out after getting screened in. This form will be then given to your 3 selectors in the SSB and they will be analysing you with the help of the PIQ form.This is why it is very important to carefully fill out this form as it decides your future here at the SSB.

So in this article we will be sharing the orginal SSB PIQ form to download and also how to fill it out, please take a print out of the PIQ form and practice filling it as much as possible.

PIQ Page 1


PIQ Page 2

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Now let us discuss about how to fill this form and also about some dont’s while filling this form.

1. Row 1 is asking for our selection board, batch no, chest no and UPSC roll no which is not a big deal to fill, if you are not sure of the numbers please do verify before writting.

2. Write your name, please make sure that you write your name as in your 10th certificate.

3. Write your Father’s name as in your 10th certificate.

4.(a). Here you have to write the place you have lived the most, you have to specify the place name, district and state and NEVER forget to mention the approximate population of that place, if you don’t know google it in advance.

(b). Here you have to fill about the place you are currenty living in, you have to do it same as in Row 4(a).

(c). You have to write about your permenant residence, bascially about you village you are from.

5. You have to specify about your place(state&district), religion, caste, mother tongue, date of birth and finally about your relationship status.

6. Fill out details about your family and their income if any.

7. Fill out about your educational qualifications, board, marks etc.

8. Fill out your exact age(year&month), height(m) and weight(kg).

9.  Fill out your present occupation, if you are a studying write it as student, and if you have any income do specify.

10. Fill details of your NCC trainning if any.

11.(a). Specify about the Sports you have participated/won in you school/college. Never write somethig you have never played as you will be cross questioned during your Personal Interview.

(b). Write your hobbies and never write somethig you have never played as you will be cross questioned during your Personal Interview.

(c). Write about your participation in Co-curricular activities.

12.(a). Nature of commission(Permanent/Short commission).

(b). Choice of service(Army,Navy,Air Force).

13. Write the number of SSB’s you have attended earlier.

14. Specify the details of previous SSB’s attended if any.

Make sure you don’t write something which is not real, or else you will have a bad time during your PI.

So that’s all about How to Fill a PIQ form, hope you have understood and feel free to comment down your doubts or suggestions for which we will be replying as soon as possible, Have a good day and All the best for your SSB Interview!



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