NDA SSB Experience at SSB Allahabad: Mohammed Bilal

SSB Allahabad Experience MB
SSB Allahabad Experience MB

Hey there aspirants,I am Mohammed Bilal and I got recommended for NDA-143(2019) in my 2nd SSB attempt.The SSB success stories of other aspirants and my seniors have helped me through out the years so its even my duty that I do the same which might be of some help to whoever is reading this.

So basically being from a Sainik School I would like to point out a common misconception among aspirants that people form RIMCs,Sainik Schools etc they are given more preference in the SSBs which is nothing but bullshit. Infact being from such priemer institutes, gets you screwed more during the personal interview of the SSB according to my experience.

There are guys form my school who had 8 attempts and still could’nt clear any.So there is nothing that sort of preference given to anyone in the SSBs. Only the tester JCOs take count of boys from these instituions and this count is not reflected anywhere.

I couldnt clear the UPSC the first time.But cleared the second time but got conferenced out in SSB .So again I attempted UPSC and cleared it and this time I was alloted Allahabad as my center. So this time I had a plan to give in my best, so I started following newspapers and started to follow a routine based college life. Initially I had plans to prepare for my pshychology tests but with inputs form my friends practising for psychology tests helps you only in improving your speed, you cannot change your pshychology and by practising to write stories and stuff. So I left the psychology part of SSB Interview. For GTO I started reading the current important topics and listened to the major news discussions(once a week;) though couldnt follow up daily).

My reporting was on 12th March 2019 and I reached Allahabad Junction well in time and this was my first time visiting UP. I also had one of my seniors from school along with me for the SSB. We got in the bus that was arranged and was taken to the center. Almost 96 reported on the reporting day and we were divided into 2 boards. I was alloted 19 SSB(46 were given 19 SSB) and then we were briefed for the next day and was sent to the candidates lines. One interesting fact about SSB Allahabad is that they allow you to keep phones during the 5 days which is infact a good thing and i used to simply read SSBcrack and stuff for the next days preparations.

So Day 1 we had the screening test and as usual it was an easy go in aptitude test. For the PPDT the picture shown was the same one in my last SSB(Banglore). So did’nt give any second thoughts and started writing the same story that I wrote last time(wouldn’t advise to do so). For the discussion part I was in a repeaters group and I already knew that GD would become a fish market. So when the GD began, as expected it was worse. So the officer there divided our group into two and told us to discuss, this time the discussion was comfortable and I could give some parts of the story.

So after screening we eagerly waited for the results and the results were announced! 32 got screened in and I was given Chest No.7. Day 2 for the psych test I hadnt much preparations even though I had read some do’s and don’ts in psych tests. So the TAT went well enough and was able to frame complete stories. Stories were mostly related to me or some real life incidents which I might have read somewhere. For WAT I was out of sentences at times and I could complete about 48/60. In the SRT I attempted only those situations which I could come up with a relevant solutions. I did about 52/60. In the SDT I wrote what I had in my mind.So that was for the day and in the afternoon we went for some local sight seeing.

Day 3 was GTO-I,we had the PGT,CT and HGT. In the PGT I helped in carrying the load and gave solutions which were similar to my fellow group members.There was a point where the my group was stuck before an obstacle and I had an Idea and which I explained but only the GTO noticed it(sad truth!) and he said this idea could be implemented and that was it. For the CT I was called as subordinate twice and even gave a solution to one of the commanders while he was stuck. My CT was a bit tough and I could complete only about two obstacles and the third one took time and the GTO had to give the soltution for it.

My IO was scheduled later that day. I entered the IO room when my chest number was called. Allahabad has additional IO’s for each board and mine was taken by an additional IO. There were two people in the room.The IO greeted me and told me to take a seat. I came to know that the second officer was for academic purposes. Then started the interview I was screwed in the rapid fire. I often forget questions and had to ask if I had left anything in between. I was asked so much about my school life,my college,my friend circle. I was asked about current affairs and was told to express my views in the pulwama strikes and Pak PM’s stand on the issue. The IO lasted for about 1.5hrs whereas my previous SSBs IO lasted just 30 min.

Day 4-GTO-II , we had the GD,GPE,IO and the GOR. The GD and GPE went very well as my group had only 2 repeaters including me. So it was easy for me and everyone was able to contribute well. The Group Obstacles was the most interesting of all. We enjoyed much!In the Individual Obstacles I could complete about 11 in 3 mins.

Day 5- The D Day. We were all assembled in the waiting room and was called for conference. My conference went well I was asked about the stay and was asked about the things that you learned from here. I asnwered them all.So after everyone`s conference was over the officer came in wished everyone good luck. He started calling the chest numbers He called 1 and he was from my group. Next he called 7!!!! And I got up mispelt my roll no. Out of confusion:).

Yes this was my best feeling of an SSB.A total of 7/32 were recommended from our batch. And I chose 14+ as my medical board chest number because there was no 7+:(. So this is my SSB experienced summed up and guess what being recommended is not the last thing to reach what you aim for. You have to be higher in merit or else you`ll end up like me. So better do well in the wriiten exam or else you`ll end up being merit out !!!(NOT Applicable for the technical entries!)


If you too would like to share your SSB experience whether recommended or not not recommended, write to us at- admin@defencemag.in. Share your experience and help others prepare well for the SSB.


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